It’s so important to capture your precious little newborn baby as soon as possible. I adore documenting those teensy fingers and toes, little wrinkles, squishy lips and velvet smooth skin. At the studio there is an abundance of gorgeous props, outfits and wraps for baby boys and girls.

Newborn sessions can run for up to 3 hours, including needed breaks for feeding, burping, soothing and settling. Newborns are best captured within the first 14 days and generally in the morning. After 2 weeks, baby acne and colic tend to make an appearance. Babies wake more and are not as easy to settle and pose.

Please contact to make a tentative booking in advance, usually when you have your estimated due date. We will have a pre planning meeting to talk about the images you would love to have of your new baby, family members that will be involved and photographed with the baby also, and what colours, outfits, wraps and props you love.

I have extensive experience working with newborns and young children. My background is in Early Childhood Development. My immunizations and boosters are all up to date, including whooping cough.