I am Amy Neeson

I grew up listening to INXS. I stay up late. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. I love hearing stories old people tell. I like the smell of mothballs on vintage clothes. My favourite flowers are Peonies, and I love sweet pink bubbly champagne. I think its fine to rhyme. I like to pretend I’m a ballerina. I spill my breakfast. I don’t get hiccups when I’m nervous, but I do worry about trapeze artists. I love ornate frames and musty old books. I am content about getting older. I think loyalty is so important. My favourite movie is Easy Virtue, and I love the colour green. Coffee & chocolate are my weaknesses, and champagne. And maybe shoes too.

Oh, and I do love make up…

My husband and I are high school sweethearts. I’m the idealistic dreamer and he’s the realist. He keeps me grounded. We have two adorable kidlets, Billy & Lilou. And a dog we rescued from the pound, Doc. (Yup, Doc Neeson. One for you old school music lovers out there!)

I love old photographs and family trees. I think it’s important to leave your memories for loved ones…

That is the reason I love photography.

I am Paige Riding

I am Amy’s chief second shooter, assistant & go-to girl and Amy is my sensei.

I met Amy in 2011 while I was in Bali for my best friends wedding. I love photography and wanted to learn more so I asked Amy if I could join her on a couple of Trash The Dress shoots she was photographing. She said yes and we’ve been joined at the hip ever since.

We have an awesome time together. Especially when we crack ourselves up putting on different accents. My British one is Amy’s favorite.

I’ve been to over 20 countries and on lots of adventures. One of my favourites being my recent trip to Mexico where I went swimming with whalesharks. Another tick off the bucket list.

I love live music, the ocean, travelling and an ice cold beer on a Sunday afternoon.

I am Angie Hawkey

I am Amy’s chief editor, back up photographer, and studio organiser.

I’m married with two gorgeous children, Ayla & Javi. My husband, Grant, is so similar to Amy’s husband Mark, it freaks us out.

I’m learning to speak and write Hindi. A very daunting task! Ayla and I are heading off to India on an adventure November 2015. We can’t wait! We’re looking forward to celebrating a big wedding with friends, visiting the amazing Taj Mahal, palaces, Delhi, bustling spice markets, bazaars, Shimla and the Himalaya’s. It’s going to be interesting, especially considering it’s our very first international destination. But I am adventurous.

I have three chickens and a vegetable garden I’ve somehow managed to keep alive. The rain makes me giddy. And I have half a bottle of wine in the cupboard, and my husband says I’m really good at the stuff he doesn’t want to do… typical 🙂

I am Bec Cope

I’m Amy’s graphic designer. I love to be creative and come up with gorgeous designs for Amy’s lovely clients.

I’m married to a very lovely and patient husband, and have a very funny and tall teenage boy.

I love to travel, it’s always an adventure… you might plan a shopping day in Paris starting at the Eiffel tower but end up in the central police station in Paris after being robbed by gypsies… but I prefer the travel days that end with cocktails and beach sunsets.

I am addicted to good coffee – I can’t survive a day without at least 2 or 3 lattes!

I love flowers, all of them, I don’t really have a favourite.

I also don’t have a favourite colour – there are too many nice ones to choose!

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